Axial Compressors

axialcompressor01As an axial compressor designer, you've helped to power a wide variety of industrial markets.  Whether it be for propulsion or industrial power generation, your quest for greater efficiency and operating range has pushed you towards sophisticated, higher compression ratio designs.

This demands CFD that's up to the task.  CFD that reliably grids and models these designs.  CFD that provides the flow insights to take performance and durability to the next level. And CFD that allows you to quickly iterate and optimize within tight design windows.

Here's how we can help:

Robust and reliable compressor meshing

ADS takes the frustration out of multistage compressor meshing. Designed specifically for turbomachinery cascade design, our mesh generator Wand features enables you to generate high quality meshes with ease.  Irritating mesh skew and folding problems are minimized using an advanced OHH mesh topology, while visibility to clearance loss is enhanced through novel clearance meshing techniques.  Combine these meshes with bleed and cavity flow models provided in Code Leo to analyze sophisticated bypass turbofan and/or variable stator designs.

Accurate capture of compressor flow physics

As the old adage goes, you can't fix what you can't see.  Rooted in decades of aerospace-class application, the ADS solver Leo delivers flow insights you can rely on to consistently discern design improvements from design mistakes.  Leverage 2D cascade analysis capabilities to optimize blade design and 3D steady analysis for compressor map generation and high level system performance assessment.  Conduct "4D" unsteady analysis to gain critical time resolved insights on blade row interaction and endwall secondary flow effects impacting performance and durability.

Design time application

clockCount on ADS to turn around your aerodynamic studies in timeframes suitable for design.  Speedlines that routinely take days to generate can be completed in hours, returning precious cycles back for additional off-design studies or faster time to market.  ADS makes unsteady analysis practical, delivering order of magnitude speedups that allow you to better anticipate durability and performance issues within tight design windows.

Easy integration

Converge quickly to a final design candidate by integrating these capabilities into a design optimization loop.  All ADS CFD components can be easily integrated into your design system through the use of text-based setup files and command line executables.

Makes sense.  Now what?

It's easy--take us for a test drive and see for yourself.  Or if you need more information, check out some of our resources below:

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