workbenchThe ADS Workbench is a graphical application that enables you to quickly configure, manage and execute flow simulations. Designed for novice and advanced users alike, the workbench delivers the capabilities of Code Leo and Code Wand in a powerful yet easy to use package. 

Features of the ADS Workbench include:

  • Case setup wizards for easy simulation creation
  • Logically manage simulation data with an easy to use "Explorer" view
  • Batch case execution
  • Resource monitoring for optimal use of computing resources
  • Automatic generation of compressor and turbine speedlines
  • Targeting a specified mass flow
  • Running a simulation to convergence
  • Automatic generation of reports for quick results analysis
  • Advanced 2D charting for comparing designs
  • Connection to ADS utility codes for scaling, stacking, parallelization or adding fillet definition
orangeplayVisit ADS University for a video tutorial on the workbench.