Cloud Leo

Let's face it, traditional CFD licensing is tough to swallow.  Whether you're a small business, independent consultant or a tier 1 OEM designer in search of a second opinion, it's hard to do aero design right when you're inhibited by high upfront costs and constraints on capacity.  

There's now a better way, and it's called Cloud Leo.  By fusing the commercial solver Code Leo with cloud computing, we put aerospace-class CFD at your fingertips, with capacity on demand and simple pay as you go pricing.  

Imagine the possibilities when you've got one-click access to massive CFD firepower. Improved design robustness and insight.  Greater agility and responsiveness to clients.  Low upfront costs and no cluster to manage and maintain.  Aero design that's limited by your expertise, not by your CFD license.

Cloud Leo.  Turbomachinery CFD without limits.

targetAerospace Precision

At the heart of Cloud Leo is the RANS solver Code Leo.  Rooted in decades of cutting edge aerospace application, Code Leo empowers you to tackle a wide range of design challenges with confidence. Using structured or unstructured input, take on problems ranging from Mach .005 to 3.5 and scale easily from 2D analysis to multi-stage time accurate simulation.  

cloudleocloudNEW1CFD Capacity on Demand

Cloud Leo puts virtually unlimited aero analysis capacity at your fingertips, allowing you to compress analysis cycles with massive parallel execution capability.  Achieve greater design robustness and agility as a result.  And level the playing field with your competitors in the process.

Pay As You Go Pricing

Break free from the constraints of traditional CFD licensing.  Pay only for what you actually consume, not for peak usage.  Select from a variety of plans that let you start simply and scale to best suit  your needs.


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