ADS Foil Designer

The ADS Foil Designer is our parametric airfoil design module that is able to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional axial turbine and compressor stages as well as 3D radial turbines and impellers.   

Airfoils can be defined by: 

  • Basic parameters, such as leading edge and trailing edge metal angle, wedge angle, diameter, and ellipse ratio
  • Applying a stream tube height ratio
  • Rotating or flipping the geometry
  • Defining thickness along a camber line
  • Adding upper and lower control points for finer airfoil shape control
  • Fixing upper and lower surface gauging angle and uncovered turning angle

The ADS Workbench tightly integrates the ADS Foil Designer with Code Wand and Code Leo, dramatically improving user productivity.

Productivity features include:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • One click case setup
  • Automatic mesh generation and simulation
  • Pre-defined reports for fast analysis
  • Advanced charting to quickly compare design iterations

The ADS Foil Designer was developed to exist in the tight design loop.  This improved efficiency results in more design iterations, higher confidence and better designs.

Additional Information:
orangeplayVisit ADS University for a video introduction to ADS Foil Designer