What techniques are employed by Code Leo to deliver high numerical accuracy?

Code Leo employs cell vertex-based finite volume approximation to solve the governing equations. The cell-vertex approach has proven to be more accurate for stretched/skewed grids and is 4-6 times more memory efficient than comparable cell-centered techniques.

In addition, Leo employs a proprietary distribution formula to ensure the proper propagation of convection and pressure waves. In contrast to cell-centered schemes, our approach does not require 4th order smoothing as a necessity to achieve solution convergence.  This results in a procedure we feel to be more physics-based in nature and more likely to deliver quality results.

Overall, the numerical procedure is second order accurate in space and time, even for highly skewed meshes.This is a real advantage over cell-centered approaches which require meshes that are second order accurate in space.

George Fan
Date Created
2013-06-23 06:36:35
Date Updated
2013-06-23 06:36:35