How to read the ADS .STATION file

The .STATION file written out by Code LEO during a simulation run contains information vital to evaluating the convergence and conservation of a solution.  The data contained in the station file consists of circumferentially mass-averaged values at each I-plane upstream and downstream of the airfoil.  The primary purpose of this data is for the user to evaluate the flow conservation properties at each station, or I-plane, in order to be able to determine the location of any problem that could arise.  The .STATION file can also be used to track the influence of Engine model sources and sinks, endwall friction and contouring effects, as well as identify problems at the interfaces between rows within a stage.

Station Numbering Conventions

In order to read the station file, a convention must be established that connects each station number to an I-plane within the mesh.  In the case of upstream stations, station one begins at the domain inlet and increases as the mesh moves towards the leading edge of the airfoil, as shown below.

Similarly, at the trailing edge, the station number begins at 1 at the exit boundary condition, and increases moving towards the airfoil trailing edge, as shown below.

Additionally, if the number of station printed exceeds the dimensions of the upstream or downstream H block, the station values printed beyond the dimension of the H-block should be ignored as the averaging process is no longer consistent due to the topology of the O-mesh. For .STATION values at directly at the leading and trailing edges, two additional stations are provided at these locations later in the .STATION file.

Data Contained in the .STATION File

There are a total of 14 colums of data contained in the .STATION file as described below.

  1.  I-LOC          : The I-plane or station where data is being printed
  2.  Flow           : Mass flow rate through the station
  3.  UAV           : Mass-averaged axial velocity
  4.  VAV           : Mass-averaged tangential velocity 
  5.  WAV          : Mass-averaged radial velocity
  6.  TSAV         : Mass-averaged static temperature
  7.  PSAV        : Mass-average static pressure
  8.  PT-ABS     : Mass-averaged total pressure
  9.  TT-ABS      : Mass-averaged total temperature
  10.  PTLOS       : Percent total pressure loss through the station
  11.  ENTROPY  : Entropy generation through the station
  12.  CP-LOSS   : Pressure coefficient loss through the station
  13.  XAV           : Average axial coordinate of the station
  14.  RAV           : Average radial coordinate of the station

Additional Information

Additional information and explanation of the .STATION file can be found in our ADS University Video Tutorial on the LEO .STATION File

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