Creating an iso-surface using ParaView

An effective way of visualizing complex flow features in a three-dimensional environment is to plot iso-surfaces of a flow variable.  This method is equivalent to plotting 2D contours although it is best to plot only one isosurfaces at a time for clarity.  In the following example, an iso-thermal surface will be examined in a turbine vane with cooling flow.

Once the solution is loaded, see Converting a Restart File for ParaView, select the loaded solution from the object inspector.  Next, select the contour filter from the filter menu.  In the new menu, the user can select any available flow variable for the iso-surface; in this case, temperature will be used.  Atemperature is chosen to accentuate the cooling flow features results in the following plot.

George Fan
Date Created
2013-06-23 05:48:14
Date Updated
2013-06-23 05:51:04