Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring of Front Loaded High-Lift Low Pressure Turbines

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Authored by Jacob Dickel of Wright State University and presented at AIAA SciTech 2018, this paper introduces various approaches have been used to shape the geometry at the endwall region in order to reduce the endwall losses in high-lift low pressure turbine passages. This paper will detail a non-axisymmetric endwall contour design for a front loaded high lift research profile. The contour was developed as a test case of a numerical design workflow in order to verify that it could be used for a future optimization study. The non-axisymmetric endwall contour was defined using a series of Bezier curves across the passage to create a smooth contoured surface. A parametric based approach was used to develop the contour shape with a goal of directing incoming endwall flow at the leading edge towards the suction side of the blade. A commercial RANS flow solver was used to model the flow through the passage. The contour design was tested in a low speed linear cascade wind tunnel to verify that the numerical tools adequately captured the necessary endwall flow physics. The numerical model showed excellent agreement of total pressure loss and endwall flow structure compared with experimental measurements.  This work was supported by the US AFRL.