ADS Case Study Files

Aerodynamic Damping Predictions

Updated on 23 January 2017

  • Aerodynamic damping predictions for oscillating airfois in cascades using moving meshes

Air Force Conducts Large Scale Simulation with Amazon EC2

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • United States Air Force conducts large-scale aerodynamic simulation with ADS and Amazon EC2

CHT Assessment of a 3-D Vane with Cooling and Comparison to Experiments

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • The High Impact Technologies (HIT) Research Turbine Vane at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory is a three-dimensional, fully film-cooled modern turbine inlet vane. In this paper, Captain Jamie Johnson and Paul King from the Air Force Institute of Tec

Cloud Leo Compressor Map Generation

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • Analysis of advantages of using ADS and the cloud to generate cost effective compressor maps

Comparison of Predictions from CHT Analysis to Experimental Data

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • In this paper from Turbo Expo 2013, a conjugate heat transfer analysis of a film cooled turbine vane consisting of

Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a Film Cooled Turbine Vane

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • A conjugate heat transfer analysis methodology is defined and applied to a film cooled turbine vane consisting of 648 cooling holes

Film Cooled Vane Case Study

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • Technical paper from the 49th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting comparing the film cooled vaned simulations to experimental data.

High Efficiency Centrifugal Compressor Design for Rotorcraft

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • UTRC utilizes Code LEO to perform unsteady analysis in the design of a high efficiency, compact centrifugal compressor for rotorcraft applications

Highly Loaded Low-Pressure Turbine: Design, Numerical and Experimental Analysis

Updated on 25 April 2017

  • From the Journal of Propulsion and Power, a paper describing the design of a low pressure turbine at the US Air Force Research Lab as well as numerical and experimental analysis. ADS CFD analysis of the LPT was done using ADS Code LEO.

Implicit Scaling Case Study

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • A study comparing the effectiveness of scaled unsteady simulations to full wheel unsteady simulations. A description of ADS' implicit scaling method for reducing the start up cost of scaled unsteady simulations.

Introduction to ADS Foil Designer for Students by Students

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • A presentation developed by the students of the University of Kentucky Aerodynamics of Turbomachinery class to help their fellow students understand the nomenclature differences between their text book and what is used in the ADS Foil Designer.

NASA CC3 Centrifugal Compressor Case Study

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • Methodology for simulating a high-speed centrifugal compressor (NASA CC3) using ADS CFD

NASA Low-Speed Centrifugal Compressor Case Study

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • Correlation of NASA Low Speed Compressor test results with ADS CFD code LEO

NASA Transonic Flutter Cascade

Updated on 29 December 2016

  • A study performed by Dr. Vince Capece from the University of Kentucky evaluating the effectiveness of ADS code LEO flow solver and code WAND structured mesh generator against data from the NASA transonic flutter cascade.

Non-Axisymmetric Endwall Contouring of Front Loaded High-Lift Low Pressure Turbines

Updated on 22 January 2018

  • This paper will detail a non-axisymmetric endwall contour design for a front loaded high lift research profile.
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