We focus on CFD that works for industrial turbomachinery aero design.

Having spent nearly 30 years leading turbomachinery aerodynamics and CFD methods for a tier 1 engine OEM, Bob Ni knows a thing or two about building trust in CFD and its successful application to industrial compressor and turbine design. Our CFD reflects this heritage, sparing you the cycles required to mature and adapt general purpose tools to your specific needs.  The result: out-of-the-box CFD that's ready to tackle turbomachinery aero design with confidence and speed.

Great aero design methodology brings the talent and tools together.

No amount of talent or CFD horsepower can overcome a faulty analysis methodology. Getting the methodology right and holding its integrity sacred are the keys to long term success, and we actively practice what we preach: consistent application, focus on root cause, tight collaboration with experimental team to understand discrepancies between predictions and data.

We empower our customers to do what they do best: design

We strive to create real value to designers: CFD that's simple and default-driven, with no need for experts to grid up geometries, navigate complex simulation settings and post-process results.  CFD that speaks the language of turbomachinery, with no need for translation of simulation results.  CFD with automated workflows like speedline generation to let you focus on design, not scripting.

As part of our commitment to your success, we also provide "on-call" turbomachinery CFD and aerodynamics expertise to support your aero design process.  Need to outsource some optimization runs?  Got it.  Need training and/or mentorship on how to improve your aero design process?  Handled.  Need aero design advice?  Sure thing.