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ADS Turbocharges CFD

New aerospace-class CFD for turbomachinery empowers designers to design with confidence.

PLEASANTON, Calif - February 15, 2009 - AeroDynamic Solutions, Inc. (ADS) announced today the general availability of ADS 1.0, its flagship solution for turbomachinery CFD.

For too long, turbomachinery designers have struggled to innovate in the absence of first rate turbomachinery CFD. Faced with frequent mesh breakdowns, long iteration cycles and unacceptable gaps between predicted results and measured data, makers continue to lean heavily on costly prototypes for design validation. Today's heavily loaded designs have pushed traditional CFD to its breaking point, leaving turbomachinery designers with little choice but to assemble a hodgepodge of general purpose, government and homegrown codes to get the job done.

ADS 1.0 breaks through these challenges by delivering aerospace-quality CFD designers can count on. Built on the innovations of noted aerodynamicist Ron-Ho Ni, ADS turbocharges CFD in two ways:

Aerospace accuracy, robustness and speed

Rooted in decades of cutting edge aerospace application, ADS' "Tier 1" solver empowers designers to tackle a wide range of design challenges with precision, robustness and speed. Using structured or unstructured input, flow problems ranging from Mach 0.005 to 3.5 can be handled and scaled easily from desktop-based 2D analysis to multi-stage time accurate simulation across a large computing cluster.

World class turbomachinery mesh generation

ADS delivers high quality meshing for all turbomachinery needs, including axial compressors and turbines, centrifugal compressors with splitters, radial turbines and multi-airfoil rows. Advanced meshing techniques are employed that are independent of skew and concentrate nodes where they're needed most for high accuracy at low computational cost.

"Having spent a career as an aerodynamicist for a tier 1 jet engine manufacturer, I have a deep appreciation for the set of challenges facing the turbomachinery designer," said Ron-Ho Ni, Chairman and CTO of ADS. "ADS 1.0 delivers turbomachinery CFD that can be counted on for success."

"ADS 1.0 gets designers out of fixing CFD and back to designing with it," said George Fan, CEO of ADS. "Our solution turbocharges the design process, giving our customers the confidence and means to innovate far more freely than ever before."

Pricing and Availability

Two products are available and licensed on a monthly subscription basis:

  • The ADS Desktop Edition, a standalone product intended for single users
  • The ADS Enterprise Edition, a server-based product intended for deployment across a cluster, scales based on the number of concurrent copies of the ADS flow solver and mesh generator.

About ADS

ADS delivers aerospace-class CFD for the global turbomachinery industry. Built on the innovations of Ron-Ho Ni and rooted in decades of cutting edge aerospace application, the ADS solution suite enables turbomachinery designers to tackle a wide range of compressor and turbine flow problems with confidence. The company is privately-held and headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.  For more information or to download a free 30-day evaluation, please visit