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What's New in ADS CFD Release 7.0

Danville, Calif. - March 1st, 2018 - AeroDynamic Solutions, Inc. (ADS CFD) today announced the availability of ADS CFD Release 7.0.  Here is the full list of features:

  • Quasi-3D Non-Reflective Boundary Condition for Non-Linear Harmonic Balance.   Improves the accuracy of non-linear harmonic balance simulations for rotor stator interaction.

  • Block decomposition for Non-Linear Harmonic Balance Simulations.   Apply I-Break block decomposition for greater parallel efficiency.

  • AeroDamping and Resonant Stress post processing.   Utility code for post-processing and assessing aero and gust work.

  • New turbulence models.  New SST and SA models as well as user defined turbulence models.

  • Improved Multi-Threading integration.  Apply a dynamic number of threads at run time for each block allowing efficient resource allocation.

  • Exit Mass Flow Control.  Set the exit mass flow and LEO will adjust the backpressure until the mass flow stablizes at the desired amount.

  • Targeted Y+ meshing.   WAND will automatically select the near wall spacing for a Y+ of 1.

  • Cantilevered Stator Support.  WAND now supports rotating endwalls for cantilevered stators.

  • Rotating Nose Cone Meshing.   WAND now automatically creates rotating nose cone meshes.

  • Workbench Improvements.  
    • Upgrade to Eclipse 4.7
    • Wizard improvements including section data autopopulate and OHHH mesh parameter selection
    • LOAD, OVERALL, MIXEDAVG, SPEEDLINE Chart customization
    • Zipping and backup cases/projects
    • Sort by date, name, extension in the project explorer
    • Terminate WINDOWS processes from the execution monitor
    • 3D visualization of airfoils in the overview page
    • Version checking and automatic updates
  • Non-Linear Harmonic Balance Wizard.  The 3D timeaccurate wizard has been modified to support non-linear harmonic balance.

  • Paraview Integration.  Release 7.0 also features improved integration with the open source visualization tool, Paraview (  By clicking a button, the ADS workbench can generate a 360 degree view, show slice views and blade views.

  • Unstructured Mesh Breakup.  Improved integration with MeTIS breakup for unstructured meshes.  The workbench can now automatically use MeTIS breakup for unstructured meshes.  Breakup meshes will also be recombined automatically.

  • Airfoil Designer Improvements.
    • UI speedup
    • Velocity triangle information
    • New keyboard short cuts
    • Compare multiple sections at a time
    • 3D surface view

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About ADS

ADS delivers aerospace-class CFD for the global turbomachinery industry. Built on the innovations of Ron-Ho Ni and rooted in decades of cutting edge aerospace application, the ADS CFD solution suite enables turbomachinery designers to tackle a wide range of compressor and turbine flow problems with confidence. The company is privately held and headquartered in Danville, CA. For more information or to download a free 30-day evaluation, please visit




  • ADS Workbench updates.  Release 6.8 includes multiple user enhancements such as signal handling, automatic termination of cases that have blown up.  Improved advanced charting capabilities.  Customization of charts for various output files.  Customization of the compressor speedline generator.