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ADS Unveils Validation Package for Cooled Turbine Durability Design

Validation package enables U.S. based gas turbine OEMs to evaluate the utility of conjugate heat transfer analysis for cooled turbine durability design

PLEASANTON, Calif. - September 13, 2012 - AeroDynamic Solutions, Inc. (ADS) today announced the availability of a validation package for cooled turbine conjugate heat transfer (CHT) analysis.

Developed under an SBIR Phase II award from the U.S. Air Force, this package enables gas turbine OEMs to validate the conjugate heat transfer capabilities of the ADS solver Code Leo against the Air Force High Impact Technologies Research Turbine Vane, an industrial grade film-cooled turbine vane consisting of approximately 650 cooling holes.  By using the validation package, gas turbine OEMs gain the means to assess the suitability of Code Leo for advanced durability design as well as for benchmarking against internally developed or licensed codes.

"Rarely does a validation case become available for a cooled turbine vane at scale," said George Fan, President and CEO of ADS.  "We are delighted to collaborate with the Air Force on this effort and look forward to supporting OEMs seeking advanced solutions for turbine durability design." 

The validation package consists of the following components:

  • Geometry and mesh.  A raw manufacturing definition of the cooled vane is provided, as well as CFD-ready CAD definitions, geometry definitions and unstructured meshes for cooled and uncooled versions of the vane.

  • Experimental results.  Heat flux and metal temperature data for each experimental run is also provided, as well as moving average data and boundary conditions.

  • ADS CFD predictions.  Corresponding heat flux and metal temperature predictions at the CHT interface are included, as well as overall performance, conservation and convergence characteristics.

  • ADS CFD setup files.  Setup files needed to conduct the simulations using Code Leo are provided.  Note: this requires an evaluation license for the ADS Master Edition.

  • Documentation.  Details the objectives, content and usage of the validation package, as well as a summary of results and links to relevant papers.

The package is available free of charge to U.S. based gas turbine OEMs from Dr. John Clark at the Air Force Research Laboratory, WPAFB.  To request more information or access to the validation package, please click here


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