• Turbomachinery CFD you can count on.

    Our vision is simple — build the best CFD software that turbomachinery designers have ever known. One that inspires confidence. One that converges with blazing speed. One that empowers you to bring ever greater levels of performance and durability to your designs. Built on the innovations of Dr. Ron-Ho Ni and tempered by 30 years of cutting edge aerospace application, we're bringing dependable turbomachinery CFD to the cluster nearest you.  

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Aerospace-class CFD for compressor & turbine aero design

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    turbomachinesLet's face it--whether you're designing jet engines, turbochargers or centrifugal compressors, it's getting harder to deliver the advances needed to compete in today's market.

    It's even tougher when your CFD tools are in the way.

    Mesh breakdowns.  Long run times.  Unacceptable gaps between predictions and experiments.  A hodgepodge of general purpose, government and homegrown codes to get the job done.  High test and rework costs.

    For all of the promise of simulation-driven design, why is it so hard to find turbomachinery CFD that just works?

  • At ADS we feel your pain because we've lived it.  Built on the innovations of Ron-Ho Ni, we've packaged 30 years of real-world, aerospace-class CFD experience into our solution suite.  You'll gain:

    Best of breed turbomachinery meshing

    Aerospace accuracy, robustness and speed

    Deep turbomachinery expertise

    Count on ADS to deliver high quality meshing for all your turbomachinery needs, including axial compressors and turbines, centrifugal compressors with splitters, radial turbines and multi-airfoil rows.  Our techniques are skew-independent and concentrate nodes where they're needed most for high accuracy and low computational cost. Rooted in decades of cutting edge aerospace application, our "Tier 1" solver empowers you to tackle a wide range of design challenges with confidence.  Using structured or unstructured input, take on problems ranging from Mach .005 to 3.5 and scale easily from desktop-based 2D analysis to massive, cloud-based full wheel, multistage unsteady simulation. Having worked on projects ranging from wind turbines to advanced jet engines, we've accumulated real-world insights and best practices that can be readily applied to your specific needs.  Whether it be design validation, outsourced CFD analysis or customized training, our proven methodologies put you on a direct path to impact.
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    Purpose-built and battle-tested for turbomachinery aero, ADS delivers CFD you can rely on.  Design with confidence. Spend less time fixing and more time designing.  Gain precious cycles to design ever greater levels of efficiency, performance and durability in your products. Iterate on your designs with newfound speed and precision.  Stay nimble and responsive to changing market needs and conditions.
  • We've lived your pain

    We bring aerospace-class perspective

    ADS products reflect our real-world experiences as commercial turbomachinery designers and aerodynamicists.  You'll see an emphasis on "what works" vs. a whiz-bang list of features. We've applied our turbomachinery expertise to aerospace-class design challenges.  We've learned a thing or two about performance and durability in the process and stand ready to help you do the same.

    We're designed for an unsteady world

    We're easy to do business with

    The world isn't flat, and turbulent flows aren't steady.  ADS makes unsteady anlaysis practical, delivering high fidelity results on a timesale that fits tight design windows. Licensing CFD software doesn't have to be so complicated. Check us out, give us a test drive, subscribe monthly and scale as your needs dictate.

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    Seeing is believing, and we're big believers in giving you the opportunity to test ADS CFD against your own data.  
    Register here to download a 30 day evaluation copy.  We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Need more information?

    See our FAQ and explore the website for more information about our products and services. For more detailed insight on our technical capabilities, be sure to catch Bob Ni's screencasts at ADS University.

    ADS.  Turbomachinery CFD you can count on.