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    Our vision is simple — build the best CFD software that turbomachinery designers have ever known. One that inspires confidence. One that converges with blazing speed. One that empowers you to bring ever greater levels of performance and durability to your designs. Built on the innovations of Dr. Ron-Ho Ni and tempered by 30 years of cutting edge aerospace application, we're bringing dependable turbomachinery CFD to the cluster nearest you.  

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Aerospace-class CFD for compressor & turbine aero design

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  • metis600x300
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  • foil-designer
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  • Fixed and variable radius fillet meshing
  • Split flow meshing for combined core and duct flow analysis
  • Analysis of non-axisymmetric components with unstructured and structured mesh
  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis for durability design
  • Blade row interaction studies using time accurate simulation for durability design
  • Radial turbine analysis
  • Using MeTiS partitioning for efficient parallelization of large unstructured meshes
  • Take advantage of unlimited compute capacity on a pay-as-you-go basis using ADS Cloud LEO
  • Design axial and radial compressor and turbine blades with ADS Foil Designer
  • Endwall secondary flow analysis using time accurate simulation
  • Multistage axial compressors and turbines
  • Robust impeller meshing with multiple splitters
  • Centrifugal compressor analysis
  • Fast and automated compressor speedline generation
  • Radial turbine and centrifugal compressor design for automotive turbocharging